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1 a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles
2 an enclosed space; "the trapped miners found a pocket of air" [syn: pouch, sac, sack]
3 a supply of money; "they dipped into the taxpayers' pockets"
4 (bowling) the space between the headpin and the pins next bnehind it on the right or left; "the ball hit the pocket and gave him a perfect strike"
5 a hollow concave shape made by removing something [syn: scoop]
6 a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly [syn: air pocket, air hole]
7 a small isolated group of people; "they were concentrated in pockets inside the city"; "the battle was won except for cleaning up pockets of resistance"
8 (anatomy) saclike structure in any of various animals (as a marsupial or gopher or pelican) [syn: pouch]
9 an opening at the corner or on the side of a billiard table into which billiard balls are struck


1 put in one's pocket; "He pocketed the change"
2 take unlawfully [syn: bag]

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  1. A bag stitched to an item of clothing, used for carrying small items.
  2. In the context of "sports|billiards|snooker|pool": A net or similar structure at each corner, and halfway along the edge, of a billiard table into which balls are to be struck.
  3. An enclosed volume of one substance surrounded by another.
    The drilling expedition discovered a pocket of natural gas.
  4. An area of land surrounded by a loop of a river (Australian English)
  5. The area of the field to the side of the goal posts (four pockets in total on the field, one to each side of the goals at each end of the ground). The pocket is only a roughly defined area, extending from the behind post, at an angle, to perhaps about 30 meters out.
  6. In the context of "American Football": The region directly behind the offensive line in which the quarterback executes plays.


bag stitched to an item of clothing
billiards: net into which balls are struck
enclosed volume of one substance surrounded by another
  • Finnish: tasku
  • Italian: sacca


  1. To put (something) into a pocket.
  2. In the context of "sports|billiards|snooker|pool": To cause a ball to go into one of the pockets of the table.
  3. To take and keep (especially money) that is not one's own.



to put into a pocket
to cause a ball to go into a pocket of a billiard table
  • Finnish: pussittaa
to take and keep (especially money) that is not one's own


  1. Of a size suitable for putting into a pocket.
    pocket dictionary
  2. Smaller or more compact than usual.
    pocket battleship


of a size suitable for putting into a pocket
  • Finnish: taskukokoinen, tasku-
smaller or more compact than usual
  • Finnish: taskukokoinen, tasku-

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A pocket is a small bag to hold small and important items, particularly a bag-like receptacle either fastened to or inserted in an article of clothing. Cargo pants, Hoodies, and Overalls have pockets with an extra large capacity. Common items in pockets include keys, wallets and mobile phones.
In European clothing pockets began by being hung like purses from a belt, which could be concealed beneath a coat or jerkin and reached through a slit in the outer garment. The word appears in Middle English as poket, and is taken from a Norman diminutive of O. Fr. poke, pouque, mod. poche, cf. pouch. The form "poke" is now only used dialectically, or in such proverbial sayings as "a pig in a poke," and possibly in the poke-bonnet, the coal-scuttle bonnet fashionable during the first part of the 19th century, and now worn by the female members of the Salvation Army. More probably the name of the bonnet is connected with poke, to thrust forward, dig. The origin of this is obscure. Dutch has poken, pook, a dagger; Swedish has påk, a stick.
Historically, the term pocket referred to:
  • A pouch worn around the waist by women in the 17th to 19th centuries, mentioned in the rhyme Lucy Locket if interpreted literally.
  • A sack in which hops were stored, generally with a capacity of 168–224 lb (76–102 kg).
A fob pocket is a small pocket designed to hold an old style pocket watch, sometimes found in men's trousers and waistcoats.


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CAT, Swiss bank account, abstract, acquire, aerospace, aerosphere, air hole, air pocket, airspace, alveolation, alveolus, antrum, appropriate, area, armpit, assets, baby, baby-sized, bag, balance, balloon, bank account, bantam, banty, barrel, basin, bear with, beleaguer, beset, besiege, billfold, bladder, blind alley, blockade, bottle, bottom dollar, bound, bowl, box, box in, budget, bump, burden, cage, camp, can, canned, capsule, cash reserves, catch up, cavity, ceiling, chamber, checking account, claim, clap hands on, clasp, claw, clench, clinch, close in, cluster, clutch, collar, command of money, compact, compass, concave, concavity, concentration, constitute, contain, coop, coop in, coop up, cordon, cordon off, corral, crate, crater, crosswind, crypt, cul-de-sac, cup, dead end, decree, depression, digest, diminutive, dip, disregard, down, drain off, draw off, duodecimo, dwarfish, eat, embezzle, embrace, empty space, enact, enact laws, encircle, enclose, encompass, endure, enshrine, exchequer, favorable wind, fence in, filch, filibuster, fill, finances, fiscal, fob, fog, fold, follicle, freight, front, fund, funds, funnel chest, get, get hold of, get the floor, glom on to, grab, grab hold of, grapple, grasp, grip, gripe, handbag, handy, have the floor, head wind, heap, heap up, hedge in, hem in, high-pressure area, hole, hollow, hollow shell, hook, house in, hug, ignore, impasse, impound, imprison, incarcerate, include, ionosphere, island, itsy-bitsy, jail, jetstream, keep, kennel, kill, kitty, lacuna, lade, lay hands on, lay hold of, leaguer, legislate, life savings, lift, load, lobby through, logroll, loot, low-pressure area, mass, means, mew, mew up, miniature, miniaturized, minikin, minimal, minuscule, minute, monetary, money belt, money clip, moneys, nab, nail, nest egg, nick, nip, nip up, ordain, overcast, pack, pack away, palm, partake, pass, pecuniary, pecuniary resources, pen, pen in, pigeonhole, pile, pilfer, pillage, pinch, pit, pocket the affront, pocket-size, pocket-sized, pocketbook, poke, pony, pool, porte-monnaie, possess, potted, pouch, punch bowl, purloin, purse, purse strings, put in force, put through, quarantine, rail in, railroad through, receive, receptacle, reserves, resources, reticule, rip off, roll logs, roughness, sac, sack, satchel, savings, savings account, scoop, seize, shell, ship, shrine, shut in, shut up, sink, sinus, small-scale, snaffle, snap up, snatch, snitch, socket, soup, space, stable, stack, steal, stomach, store, stow, stratosphere, subminiature, substance, substratosphere, surround, swallow, swallow an insult, swipe, table, tail wind, take, take by assault, take by storm, take hold of, take possession, take the floor, thieve, tolerate, toy, treasure, tropopause, troposphere, trough, turbulence, turn aside provocation, twelvemo, unregistered bank account, vest-pocket, veto, visibility, visibility zero, vug, wall in, wallet, wee, weeny, wherewithal, whip up, wrap, yard, yard up, yield the floor
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